1515 International Youth Apartment

1515 International Youth Apartment, located in Jiangpu Road 1515 Creative Park, which has six-storey single-family building, with a total of 88 rooms and two elevators. It is a high-end international youth community with fun, love and feelings.

The 1515 Creative park totally has 4685 square meters, and the international apartment takes more than half, which is 2435 square meters. The project invited an international well-known design company to develop the apartment cooperated with professional consultant team. The entire project is a courtyard design style, simple, and respect for the building itself to the utmost extent. It returns to ecology, creating a stylish, comfortable and warm living experience.


The international student apartment is equipped with a central kitchen and is currently preparing the gym, book bar and other corresponding resources. The park has a "Family Mart" --- a 24-hour convenience store, supermarket, close to the commercial center——Zijing square, There are many catering, very convenient for daily life.

The rooms are mainly decorated in the Nordic minimalist and American industrial style, and try to meet the diversified needs of international students from different countries. Indoor complete with bed, wardrobe, desk, table lamp, air conditioning, refrigerator, laundry room, shower and independent bathroom, ensuring the safe and comfortable residence of overseas friends.

The  security  of  the  apartment  are  on  duty  round  the  clock with all-round   monitor;  There   are   20   MB   independent  Wi-Fi, collection express, room cleaning and exclusive customer service. The housekeeper and nanny service help every students live there especially the foreigner that get to China for the first time can have a private life guide, to make them adapt to the life of studying abroad and the metropolis — — Shanghai as soon as possible.

Apartment regularly organize various activities. There will organize activity and dine together in the traditional Chinese holiday such as the Mid-Autumn festival, Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival. It is not only convenient for international friends to communicate and study, but also helps them to have a deeper understanding of Shanghai and Chinese culture.

The international Youth apartment its address is Jiangpu Road,Yangpu District, Shanghai, No. 1515, Building B. It is near the Metro 8, which takes just 1-minute walk from the apartment to Metro Station. You can get there by taking Metro Line 8 and get off at Jiangpu Road Station, the apartment is near the Exit 3